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WMC is a non-sectarian, non-political community organization which provides a global connectivity fostering friendship and fellowship among Malayalees worldwide while providing several platforms under its umbrella.

World Malayalee Council (WMC) is a global organization with a mission to network Malayalees, create a global community able to communicate each other and continue the connection through generations so that Malayalee identity will live forever around the world. WMC promotes good will and friendship among all Malayalees. WMC encourages Malayalees to help each other especially those in need. WMCdemands its members to be good individuals and good citizens. WMC is not a Pravasi organization rather it is a global organization of all Malayalees. It is a non-sectarian, non-political community organization.

World Malayalee Council (WMC) was formed on July 3, 1995 on the last day of the first World Malayalee Convention in New Jersey USA. Mr. T.N. Seshan, the former Chief Election Commission of India was elected the first chairman, Dr, Babu Paul IAS, the vice chairman and Mr. K.P.P nambiar as the vice president. Mr. Babu Paul (1998-2000), The world famous physicist Padmvibhushan Dr. George Sudarsan (2000-2002), Mrs. Lekha Srenivasan (2002-2004) and WMC founder leader Andrew Papapchen (2004-2008) served as the chairpersons.

Mr. Soman Baby, Bahrain was elected chairman for the term 2008-2010 and reelected for the 2010-2012 term. Mr. V.C. Praveen, Chennai was elected the global president, Mr. George Kakkanatt, Gen. Secretary and Mr. Ajith Menon, Treasurer for the term 2010-2012. Gopal Pillai, Dalls, USA, Jolly Thadathil, Germany and Sicily Jacob, Nigeria were elected vice chairpersons, A.S. Jose and Joy Kochattu, Switzerland were elected Vice presidents and Anoop Dhawanthiri, Kerala was elected Associate secretary.

WMC has a three tier organizational structure with a global council, six regional councils in America, Europe, Africa, Middle east, India and far east & Australia and local chapters called provinces. Global, regional and provincial councils has a cabinet responsible for the day to day affairs presided over by the president and an executive council, which is the legislative body and electoral college responsible for policy making and electing officers presided over by the chairman.

Membership in WMC is in the provincial level. WMC currently has 48 provinces covering 34 countries around the world.

WMC Bye-Laws put together by the Global WMC Committee.
Plese download the Bye-Laws PDF to know all about our Bye-Laws.

WMC Sydney Province is a vibrant Malayalee community chapter of WMC based out of Sydney region. This registered non-profit organisation is driven by a strong executive leadership team with an aim to support the Malayalee community and link them back to activities and support services back in Kerala through their active contributions - financially and professionally.

Various fund raising events and charity efforts have been undertaken by this chapter over the years and has actively contributed to the Global WMC objectives and missions.

The WMC Sydney province has also represented in various WMC Global conferences over the years since its inception.


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